Dimagi's Public Developer Wiki

This wiki holds many useful pieces of technical information we collect as a development staff. This site is built for our internal development team, but we figured it may help other individuals who are googling for simliar problems we have faced. If you've stumbled upon this page, you can learn more about us through our main website, http://www.dimagi.com.


The Dimagi Team


  • Windows Applications -- A few of our favorite tools for making life on a Windows box a little bit better.

Tips and tricks

Code Snippets

  • SQL Server Code -- helpful SQL server code samples
  • C# Utility Code -- as we find useful methods for our projects, we post them here and try to eventually turn them into Utility libraries. We've probably all written IO, String, Stream, Byte, Object, etc utilities many many times.
  • PythonReference -- Some helpful Python code examples.
  • Developer Express How To's -- a few common problems we've found in Developer Express grid, and how to solve them.

Project Management Sites

  • ProjectManagementSites -- a list of pages I've come across related to project management. Going to make a better format for this, this is just a temporary place holder.
  • FogBugz - Overview -- A brief summary of how we use FogBugz at Dimagi.

Content Resources

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