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Product Selection

I am not sure if I should go with CommCare Supply SMS or mobile application.

It really depends on your project scale and the cost you are willing to take. SMS vs Mobile Application will give you a detailed overview and help you make the decision.



What's the pricing plan for using CommCare Supply mobile application?

Anyone can use CommCare Supply for FREE with up to 50 facilities. To scale your project, choose a paid plan that will unlock advanced features and support more mobile workers. Check out our pricing plans and service plans.

What's the pricing plan for using CommCare Supply SMS?

Pricing plan for CommCare Supply SMS projects is the same with CommConnect. The separate CommConnect pricing plan is under active development. For now it shares the same scheme with CommCare.



What formats can I export my data in? 

Data Export Overview

What should I do if I want to make changes to questions in the CommCare Supply mobile app that I have deployed?

Web users have the ability to update, add and delete questions from the form builder. For users with a standard plan or higher, questions can be directed to Dimagi. Of course, our help pages here should be able to provide a wealth of information as well.

Does CommCare Supply support automatically sending broadcast messages to late / non-reporting supply points?

We should be able to support this using out-of-the-box functionality.

How to change a facility once it is uploaded?

Site_code is the unique identifier for each facility. Say you created a facility 'Starbucks' in district a with the site_code sb and you want to rename the facility 'Starbucks'. All you need to do is to update the facility name and re-upload it. 

Can multiple facilities have the same name?
Yes you can have multiple Starbucks as long as each of the Starbucks has a unique site_code.

Is site_code case sensitive?
No. You won't be able to upload two Starbucks with site_code 'sb' for one and 'SB' for the other.

Can I delete the facility?
Facilities can be completely removed, provided that the organization does not have a location associated with it.

Where has CommCare Supply been implemented?

CommCare Supply has been implemented in India, Senegal, and Zambia. Early versions of CommCare Supply have been deployed in Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania. 

What type of commodities are tracked by CommCare Supply in the country mentioned?
CommCare Supply is used to track commodities from a variety of programs, including family planning, malaria, HIV, and essential medicines. CommCare Supply can be configured to support arbitrary products and programs.

What level of effort (low, medium, or high) is needed for maintenance?

Low. CommCare Supply is a fully turnkey, cloud-hosted product that can be set up, maintained, and modified without the need for software developers or IT staff.

How should I capture GPS coordinates in CommCare Supply?
Unlike in a CommCare app where you can have mobile worker capture GPS coordinates in a GPS question, in CommCare Supply GPS coordinates for locations are registered by web users. That says, you should get a list of GPS coordinates for all supply points beforehand if you want to use CommCare Supply maps.

For more generic questions, visit CommCare FAQ

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