Problems with the Nokia Emulator

With latest Java updates emulator actually doesn't work anymore. The Dimagi team has not yet been able to find a solution to this.

This guide will help you configure the Nokia S40 emulator to run CommCare for demonstration or testing purposes. Please note that Nokia's websites change very often, so if a link on the page is dead you may need to search for the download. Also note that these instructions are written for Windows

  1. Download the Nokia S40 SDK - 6th Edition. Don't download the Feature Pack 1 (FP1) variant, since the emulators are less representative of the phones in the field
    1. As of July, 2011 this download is available from:
    2. In the drop-down menu, scroll down to "6th edition". 
    3. You will need to sign up for an account to download the SDK 
  2. Once the SDK is installed, you can start the emulator from the start menu. Ignore the popups which inform you that the NFC service isn't running, or that the emulator was designed for Windows XP.
  3. The emulator will create a folder, generally at C:\Nokia\Devices\S40_6th_Edition_SDK\bin\Storage\6260000\E . The emulator will treat the contents of this folder as the contents of the phone's SD Card.
  4. Place the CommCare.jad, CommCare.jar, and any necessary media files into the E folder.
    1. Restart the emulator. It needs to start fresh any time you change the contents of the E folder.
  5. Run CommCare from the phone's application menu as usual
    1. Once you have run CommCare, the E folder will contain files with the .rms extension. These are the application's record storage files. If you want to run the application from a "clean" start (as if it had just been installed), you can delete all of the .rms files from E and restart the emulator.

NOTE: All user accounts created, forms submitted, or anything else through the emulator will be valid submissions to your domain on CommCareHQ.  So be careful!

Troubleshooting: You may be prompted to install Java, which you can download from the Oracle site. Be sure to install the x86 version of Java, not x64. 


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  1. Is the process different for Mac?