CommCare Messaging lets you send scheduled or immediate messages to a group of recipients (either a set of Mobile Worker Groups or Case Groups).  

What makes Broadcast messages different than reminders or keywords?

Broadcast messages are simple reminders, and do not use case properties as triggers. 

To send messages in bulk, click on Messaging > Broadcast Messages

When are Broadcast messages useful?

To set-up and schedule simple messages. 

To contact all users in a one group with one time feedback after a day of supervision. 

To send a meeting reminder, that is copied on an irregular basis. 

Creating a New Broadcast

Click on the + New Broadcast button 

Set-up the key information 

  • Who is the recipient?  Do you want to send this a Mobile Worker Groups, Case Groups or Locations.  
  • When should the message be sent? Specify the timing, either send a message immediately, or at a later date.  
  • What do you want your message to say? Remember mobile worker groups cannot reference case properties. 

  • If the broadcast messages is sent at a later date, the time must be specified in 24 hour format.  
  • The project's timezone will be used.

Send an SMS message or SMS survey.

    1. If sending an SMS message to a case group, you can specify case properties using {case.case_property}.  For example, you may send the message "Thank you participating in this survey.  Please contact {case.correspondent} if you have any questions."
    2. If sending an SMS survey to a mobile worker group, the selected survey cannot update or close cases.  The broadcast will fail to send if this is selected. 

Resending a Broadcast

If a broadcast message has been sent, it will appear in the Previously Sent list.  To resend it, click on the Copy button.  This will create a copy of the reminder that you can edit and schedule again to send. 


Review Scheduled Broadcast Messages

After you create a Broadcast Message, go to the Reminder Calendar to see the upcoming planned messages.

Broadcast messages will display as an unnamed One Time reminder. It will show the recipient group, but does not the specific contacts. 


Note: in the same Reminder Calendar, there are also scheduled reminders. The scheduled reminder will show the reminder name, and provide a direct link to the case, or mobile worker. 


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