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The Scheduled Messaging Events report (available from the Reports tab under the Messaging heading) shows all instances of Broadcasts or Conditional Alerts that are scheduled to take place but haven't been processed yet.

For example, if you create a Broadcast to send an SMS tomorrow at 9:00am to one User and one User Group, you will see two entries in this report scheduled at 9:00am tomorrow (one for each recipient you selected in the Recipients section of the Broadcast). After the SMS sends tomorrow, no more entries will be in this report for that Broadcast because all events will have been processed.

Similarly, for Conditional Alerts, you will see entries in this report for events which are scheduled to take place but haven't been processed yet. There will be an entry in this report for each recipient you select in your Conditional Alert, for each case that matches the Conditional Alert's rule criteria.

Note: You will only see the next scheduled event in the schedule for the Broadcast or Conditional Alert. For example, if you've defined a daily schedule which sends every day at 9:00am, this report will only show the next scheduled event for 9:00am. After this event is processed, the event will be scheduled for the next day and this report will reflect the newly scheduled date and time. Once all events in the schedule are processed, no entries will be shown.


The first filter you may choose to apply will filter the report based scheduled event date:

All EventsNot filtering will occur based on scheduled event date.
Events to be sent afterOnly events scheduled on or after the given date (interpreted in the time zone of your project) will be shown.


In the second filter, choose whether you want to see scheduled events for Broadcasts or Conditional Alerts:

BroadcastsOnly scheduled events for Broadcasts will be shown.
Conditional AlertsOnly scheduled events for Conditional Alerts will be shown. Optionally, you can also choose to show scheduled events for a specific Conditional Alert.

Report Content

The report shows the following information:

Next Event DueThe date and time (in your project's time zone) that the event is scheduled for.
Scheduling ConfigurationA link to the Broadcast or Conditional Alert which the event is tied to.
RecipientThe recipient, which could be a Mobile Worker, a Mobile Worker Group, an Organization, a Case, or a Case Group. This will match the recipient configuration of your Broadcast or Conditional Alert and there will be one entry for each recipient you define there.
Triggering CaseThis column only applies to Conditional Alerts. It shows the case that matched the rule criteria of the Conditional Alert which caused the event to spawn.
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