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Now that our reminder is setup, we can test it using our phones and view it in the reminder calendar.  

Setup a Sample Case

Similar to how was done in the Messaging Beginner Tutorial, use the existing registered pregnancy or create a new pregnancy case and flag that case for high risk symptoms.  Please make sure the phone numer you enter is unique - that is, it is not used by any other case or mobile worker in the system. 


Duplicate Phone Numbers: Each phone number used for two-way (SMS Survey or Keyword) communication must be unique within and across projects. This is because CommCareHQ uses the phone number to determine which case or mobile worker an incoming message is associated with. If your phone number is not unique, you won't be able to verify the phone number for a mobile worker (Setup a Mobile Worker for Messaging), and CommCareHQ won't send out any surveys for that case or mobile worker.

If a survey is not sent out due to a duplicate phone number, this will appear in the Reminders In Error report, which is in the Messaging tab.

View Surveys in the Reminder Calendar

Once you've registered a case, the reminder should appear in the Reminder Calendar (available in the Messaging tab). 

Testing a Survey Using a Broadcast

Since reminders are scheduled in the future, its sometimes hard to test how they behave immediately after creating them.  To test a survey immediately after we create it, we can use a Broadcast, that will send that survey to a mobile worker.  The survey won't behave exactly as it should (it won't be associated with a case), but will still be testable. 

  1. First create a mobile worker (Setup a Mobile Worker for Messaging) and make sure you verify the mobile worker's phone number.  This is necessary for two way surveys.  
  2. We now need to put the mobile worker in a Group  Go to the Users tab and choose Groups on the left pane.  Then type a group name (ex. Test Group), then click on the Create Button
  3. Add you test mobile worker (the one with the verified phone number) to the group and click on Update
  4. Go to the Messaging tab and choose Broadcast Messages in the left pane.
  5. Click on + New Broadcast to create a new broadcast. 
  6. Setup the broadcast to send to Test Group immediately as shown below.  Choose the Clinic Visit Check survey to be sent. 

Your test mobile worker should now receive the survey shortly.  To respond to multiple choice questions, you can respond with a number (ex. 1) representing the answer in the list.  Note: This survey won't affect any existing cases and is just a way to test the questions.  

If your survey is not sent out, check the Reminder Calendar.  If it doesn't appear on the reminder calendar, check the Reminder in Error report to see if there was an issue with the survey.  

Viewing Surveys in Reports

By default, surveys filled in by cases will not display in the Submit History report.  In the Groups and Users filter, click and make sure you also include [Unknown Users].  


Congratulations, you've completed the SMS Survey tutorial!  Use the Messaging- SMS page to read more about messaging and other functionality.  


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