Do you provide management or coordination support for a CommCare deployment? Please find useful shortcuts to resources below for quick reference, as recommended by our implementation teams. 

Application Creation
How to plan a CommCare project
Getting Started with CommCare, including term glossary, setting up HQ, setting up and managing users, and setting up Mobile Phones
Complete beginner tutorial for CommCare from setting up your project space, creating and testing your application, to setting up loading and closing cases
Frequently asked questions in CommCare from cost concerns to linking up with district and block level government entities.

Training and Implementation
Resources for training and implementation of your application including training strategies and methods, different training schedules, example contracts and position descriptions, and best practices for application creation amongst others.
Training strategies and tips from lessons learned during our various CommCare deployments
Sample training manuals and guides

Monitoring User Performance
Guidelines for Monitoring your project based on built in reports in CommCareHQ.
Various surveys for gauging user knowledge and previous experience, in using mobiles, or knowledge related to best practices for safe pregnancies and mother and child health.
For overview of how to inspect program data more closely for in-depth understanding of user performance. Includes descriptions of various reports available in CommCare HQ including submit history and case list reports.
Various features built into HQ for worker monitoring such as tracking submissions by forms, number of forms submitted daily, form completion times and trends, and case activity.

Exporting Data
Exporting Raw Data to excel, and creating custom reports
Filtering the various reports by groups or dates
Some tips for modifying data from CommCare HQ using excel. 

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