If you are a CommCareHQ user with Admin permissions to your project space, you can configure some overall project settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen or by selecting Settings from the Dashboard:

You will see a page with a number of different options:


Project Information

Basic: Configure general settings for your project, including:

  • Default Timezone - This will determine the timezone for all of your reports. Instructions are here.
  • Only accept secure submissions - CommCareHQ only accepts secure submissions to your project space. You can choose to disable this protection if your project does not require it. If you choose to disable this feature, it means that someone without credentials to your project could theoretically submit arbitary and possibly malicious forms to your project space. Known downsides to secure submissions:
    • makes form submission slower in rare instances
    • not compatible with admin-facilitated mobile user registration on feature phones
    • incompatible with multimedia submissions
    If you change this setting, you may need to rebuild and deploy any affected apps for the new setting to take effect.

Deployment: Capture some basic information about your project. Selecting "make public" will make the details you provide available to other CommCare users in the future.

Billing: Manage your organization's billing information

My Timezone: This feature allows you to view the reports in a different timezone from the reports default timezone. Details on the timezone configuration page.

Project Administration

Multimedia Sharing: Configure whether or not you want to share the multimedia files in any application you share on the CommCare Exchange

Data Forwarding: If you would like to capture the data on your own server in addition to CommCareHQ, you can forward all form submissions from CommCareHQ to a URL


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