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The Supervisor Tasking Reference Application includes functionality and interfaces for the CHW Supervisors. The CommCare app is designed help Supervisors manage their CHWs, analogous to and linked directly to how the CHW Tasking Reference Application help a CHW manage their clients. The supervisor app is oriented around a list of tasks, where each task directs the supervisor to discuss a certain topic with one of their CHWs or to call an end client if needed (Eg emergency follow ups). Each supervisor task will include:

  • Name of CHW / Name of the Task

  • Reason for contacting CHW (a short phrase)

  • An indication of the urgency 

  • Suggest ‘in person’ or call for the task

This page outlines the workflow designs of the application that is built to support Supervisors in monitoring CHWs in their job supporting maternal & child health initiatives. The following sections highlight the high level components of the application to provide the reader an idea about the basic structure of the application.

Supervisor Tasks Escalation Workflow

Location Hierarchy

App Personas


Click here for a demo of various usecases in Precision Tasking Supervisor Application Workflow

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