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The D2C Tasking Reference application has been built to support beneficiaries by providing a way to directly interact with CommCare in order to initiate a visit during pregnancy or post delivery of the child. This is in association with the CHW Tasking Reference Application which is build in order to track pregnancies,  post-delivery follow-ups and child care. This page highlights the high level design considerations that have been used to design the application.

The D2C Tasking reference application has been built  to allow the beneficiaries to perform following operations:

  • Initiate a Task with task type as “urgent”

  • General FAQs/guides for beneficiaries during pregnancy and post-delivery

The following section outlines the high level workflows for the D2C Reference Application

Assistance Workflow





  • This keyword is mostly meant to ensure that the beneficiary is able to communicate with the CommCare server. 

  • The message replies with a confirmation/greet message , followed by keyword to be used for next step


  • This keyword is intended to provide the beneficiary with general health and nutrition related information

  • Based on the beneficiary’s choice, this keyword provides links and videos which they can use to understand about a certain topic in more details


  • This keyword is intended to provide the beneficiary to request an immediate visit by a CHW in case someone beneficiary or her children are showing any symptoms. 

  • The beneficiary can raise an urgent visit upon a confirmation from CHW

  • A beneficiary can request only one urgent visit at a time

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