CommCare works on two systems- Android Smartphones (CommCareODK) and J2ME/Java/Nokia-style Feature Phones. Here you will find basic guides on how to use these different systems.

Selecting a Phone

  • Choosing a Device Type - some issues to consider when deciding what type of platform to use: Feature phone vs Android device, and for Android devices tablet vs phone
  • Recommended Phones and Choosing a Phone - some key things to think about when selecting a specific device model, including a list of recommended phones/tablets

Selecting a Mobile Provider

Maintaining Phones

Keeping Up-to-date

Feature Phones (Java/J2ME/Nokia) 

Main page: CommCare for Feature Phones


Advanced Tools

Android Smartphones (CommCareODK)

Main Page


Advanced Tools

There are two methods for submitting data collected in low-connectivity areas. Both require a "host" phone that can be brought to an area with good connectivity.

Regional Resources

External Resources

SkillTrain in India-based social enterprise that develops training resources for vocational trainings like mobile phone or other electronics repair. They have videos available on their YouTube channel (in Hindi) that address some basic skills like transferring files between mobile phone and computer, and basic use of smartphones, in addition to advanced mobile repair techniques.


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