Base URL:[domain]/api/[version]/mesaging-event/

Supported versions: v0.5

Input parameters:

limitNumber of records to returnlimit=100
offsetNumber of records to skip (used for pagination)offset=100
date__<comparison>Filter by event date (see examples).

date__lt=2021-05-01  # before a date

date__lte=2021-05-01  # on or before a date

date__gt=2021-05-01  # after a date

date__gte=2021-05-01  # on or after a date

content_typeContent type of the eventcontent_type=SVY
sourceWhat triggered the eventsource=CRL
statusStatus of the evenntstatus=CMP
server_date_modifiedDate after which case was modified on in the serverorder_by=server_date_modified

Sample Output:

JSON Format
API Results
  "meta": {
    "limit": 20,
    "next": "?limit=20&offset=20",
    "offset": 0,
    "previous": null,
    "total_count": null
  "objects": [
      "additional_error_text": null,
      "app_id": "6edd6f8da5fa4be7b17425ab8e83d670",
      "content_type": "SVY",
      "content_type_display": "SMS Survey",
      "date": "2021-05-04T13:18:16.834677",
      "domain": "example",
      "error_code": null,
      "form_name": "My App > My Module > My Survey",
      "form_unique_id": "ca78aa1ff0084ebab03a335f0d52e32f",
      "id": 31549374,
      "recipient_id": "f186374d-9ad5-47b1-bb3e-46b06bc64638",
      "recipient_type": "CAS",
      "recipient_type_display": "Case",            
      "resource_uri": "",
      "source": "CRL",
	  "source_display": 'Conditional Alert',            
      "source_id": "1234",
      "status": "CMP"
      "status_display": 'Completed',
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