To setup a mobile worker for Messaging, we just need to add their phone number in the correct format.  The phone number must be added with the country code. For example, for an US phone number you would enter 15551234567.  For an Indian number you would enter a number like 919560196285.    Register a new mobile worker (if needed) and set their phone number using the Add Number button.  

Verifying a Phone Number

For some projects, you may need two-way messaging (or to allow the mobile worker to send messages to CommCareHQ).   To do this, you need to verify your phone number which will associate that particular phone number with the mobile worker (and not allow it to be used by other mobile workers).   This is not needed for this tutorial, but you may need it for another project.  

 Verify a Mobile Worker's Phone Number
  1. To verify a phone number, click on the Verify button.  

  2. You should receive a message from CommCareHQ to your phone number.  Reply with 123 to that message to verify the phone number.  If you refresh the mobile worker page, it should now show you the phone number as Verified. 

  3. If you see an Already In Use message, this means that the phone number is already in use by somebody else (maybe a case or another mobile worker).   Close any cases that are using the phone number or remove it from any mobile workers who are using it.  You should then be able to click the Verify button.  


Now that our application and mobile workers are setup, we can now configure the reminders to send messages to the pregnant women and mobile workers.

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