The final reminder that we'll setup will go out to a different date for each client, based on their date of delivery.  This reminder will also go to the health worker and remind them that a particular mother is due for delivery in the next few days.  

  1. Add another reminder to the project (go to the Messaging tab, then choose Reminders and then click on the + Reminder button).

  2. We'll now configure which pregnant mothers will receive this reminder.  Give the reminder a name (ex. Delivery Reminder) then scroll to the Start Section. 
    • Send for Case Type: We want to choose pregnancy from the list as this message will be sent for pregnant mothers.

    • Send Reminder For: This will control which cases receive the reminder. We want to choose All Cases since all pregnant mothers will have this message sent out for them.

    • Day Of Reminder and Time of Day. This controls what day and time of day that the mother will begin to receive this reminder. We want to send this reminder 3 days before the expected delivery date at 9am. For Day of Reminder choose Date in Case. Specify the case property as edd and before date by 3 days. For Time of Day, choose Specific Time and enter 9:00.

  3. The next step is to choose who will receive the reminder. We want this reminder to go to the health worker (the mobile worker), so choose Case Owner (this is the mobile worker who registered the case).

  4. We can now specify the message content to send. Choose the SMS send option and provide the message to send. For this reminder, we can set the message to "Please visit {}. She is due for delivery in 3 days". The special syntax {} allows you to use case properties in the message. You can replace name with another case property if you want to have that in the message instead.

  5. This reminder doesn't need to Repeat and we don't need any of the advanced options, so we can just go ahead and choose Create Reminder button.

Now that our reminders are all setup, we can use the application to register some test data and verify that the reminders are working correctly and are sent to each user.

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