We'll now add another form to the application to allow health workers to follow up with pregnant women.

  1. Add another form to the Pregnancy module using the + Form link 

  2. Name the new form Follow-Up
  3. Add questions and a hidden value to the form that will evaluate the mother for any risk symptoms.

    The following calculations and display logic is used in the form:

    Question ID or Choice ValueTypeLabelRequiredDisplay LogicCalculation
    danger_signsMultiple AnswerDoes the mother have any of these risk symptoms?   
    rupture_or_leakingChoiceRupture or leaking   
    continued_bleedingChoiceContinued Bleeding   
    severe_headacheChoiceSevere Headache   
    visited_clinic_alreadySingle AnswerHas already visited clinic for symptoms?Yes/data/danger_signs != '' 
    clinic_visit_reminderLabelPlease check in with this mother weekly until she visits the clinic.   /data/send_clinic_visit_reminder = 'yes' 
    send_clinic_visit_reminderHidden Value   if(/data/visited_clinic_already = "no", 'yes', 'no')

  4. Save the form and configure the case management for the form.  This form will be setup to update or close cases.  We'll only save send_clinic_visit_reminder to the case.  When we setup the reminder, we'll use this case property to determine if a pregnant mother should receive a reminder to visit the clinic.  


Our application is now setup with the information it needs to trigger sending reminders to cases.  We now need to add phone number information to any mobile workers so that we can also send them messages. 

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