ERM allows organizations to build apps and configurations on an upstream project space and then to push them to one or many downstream project spaces. The apps remain locked In the downstream project spaces, i.e., they can’t be edited.

ERM enables different use cases, the common use cases being:

Software development risk mitigation

ERM also enables organizations that desire separate environments/project spaces for application development, testing, training, and production usage of digital solutions. For example, the separation of environments is typically desirable for complex applications that are updated often and require rigorous testing. Using ERM, you can conveniently push apps and other content/configurations from one project space to the other, thus enabling an efficient propagation of software solutions from one environment to another.

Rapid deployment of centrally built apps to multiple local teams

Centralize your app building to a dedicated team of experts, who can then push read-only versions of such apps for multiple teams with the click of a button!

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