Enterprise Features are only available to partners using the CommCare Enterprise software plan. Access to some of these features may be controlled by Dimagi. To learn more about our Enterprise capabilities please contact sales@dimagi.com or your Customer Success Manager if your organization is our Enterprise partner.

#1 Enterprise Dashboard

The enterprise dashboard gives enterprise projects access to reports that pull data from all project spaces with a subscription attached to the account.

Available reports:

  • Project spaces
    • Date created

    • Number of applications

    • Number of mobile users
    • Number of web users
    • Number of SMSes sent and received in the past 30 days
    • Date of last form submission

  • Web users
    • Name

    • Email

    • Role

    • Date of last login

    • State of last access

    • Status: whether this is a confirmed user or a pending invitation

  • Mobile workers
    • Username

    • Name
    • Email
    • Date created
    • Date of last sync
    • Date of last submission
    • CommCare version of last submission
    • User ID

  • Last 30 days of form submissions
    • Form name
    • Date submitted
    • Application
    • Submitting user

All reports are generated in the background, with a link emailed to the user for download.

Enterprise Settings

Several settings are only relevant to enterprise accounts:

  • Restrict project creation: This removes the ability of users to create new project spaces
  • Restrict user signups: This disallows users from creating new accounts. This restriction is applied to users who email addresses match the Enterprise Domains for Restricting Signups value that is set in the billing account's settings.
  • Edit Default Form/Case/Data Export Settings: This allows users to standardize the default export settings for forms, cases and OData feed configurations to meet the data standardization needs. 

Billing Statements

The enterprise area also provides a view of current billing statements:

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