Download Directory Map Macro: Directory_Map_Macro.xls

USE Case: This comes in handy when looking through large folders or if you want to check that all files are located in the correct folder/named correctly (especially with multimedia folders). Using text functions such as concatenate, this can also be very useful for setting up file paths. 
Instructions for using the attached directory mapping macro:
  1. Open the attached Excel file and allow/enable the use of macros
  2. Press Ctrl + Shift + M and you will see the following dialog box

3.  Navigate to the folder you want to select, click on it and then Select "MAP"
4.  You will see all the subfolders within that folder listed, along with all the individual files that look like this - you should be able to click any file/hyperlink and it will lead you the actual file.

5. You can do this in other tabs as well. Beware though, if you try and use Ctrl + Shift + M in the same tab, it will overwrite anything that you have in that tab. 


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