Export repeat groups

  • Set the "Data Source" to be the path of your repeat group e.g. "form.form.question_group.repeat_group[*]"
  • Reference the questions directly i.e. instead of "form.question_goup.repeat_group.question1" you should use "question1"
  • Reference root properties of the form with: $
    • e.g. $.form.@name, $.id
  • Reference the id of the repeat group with: id

Export one row for each case that was altered by a form

  • Use "form[*].form..case" as the data source.
  • reference case properties directly e.g. @case_id
  • reference root properties of the form with '$' e.g. $.domain, $.form.@name

Determine if a case was created, update or closed by a form

  • Use the technique above to export one row for each case in the form
  • Reference the 'create', 'update' and 'close' fields in the case and map them via the 'bool' mapping

This will produce a 'True' or 'False' value in the output.

Determine if a form was submitted form a mobile phone or via some other means (API, bulk upload, Cloucare etc)

  • Reference the 'is_phone_submission' property of the form

Convert output values based on a mapping

Available in version 0.12.5 and above.

In some instances you may want to convert an output value to something else by doing a 'lookup'. For example:

Convert this outputTo this output

To do this we need to add a 'Mappings' sheet to our configuration file which contains the lookups for the fields we want to convert.

Here is our configuration sheet:

And here we've added a new sheet called "Mappings" which contains 3 columns:

  • Mapping Name - this must match the name of a "Field" in the main configuration sheet
  • Source - this is the value that you want to convert from
  • Destination - this is the value that you want to convert to

Here is the Mapping sheet from our example:

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