This feature requires a CommCare Software Plan

This feature (API Access) is only available to CommCare users with a Standard Plan or higher. For more details, see the CommCare Software Plan page.

Data APIs

These APIs are intended for building project specific applications and integrations, including:

  • Custom end-user applications that address project-specific needs
  • Custom integrations with external back-end systems, such as an electronic patient record system 

In the following, [version] should always be replaced with one of v0.4, v0.3, etc. These documents only describe the latest version - prior versions remain available only to support backwards compatibility with deployed systems, not for general use. The latest version is v0.5.




URL Endpoint

Permission requiredStatus


list groups[domain]/api/[version]/group/

Edit Mobile Workers


list users[domain]/api/[version]/user/

Edit Mobile Workers


list cases[domain]/api/[version]/case/

Edit Data

Case Data

find a single case[domain]/api/[version]/case/[case_id]/

Edit Data
Formslist form submissions[domain]/api/[version]/form/Edit Data
Form Datafind a single form[domain]/api/[version]/forms/[form_id]/Edit Data
Fixture Datafind a single fixture[domain]/api/[version]/fixture/[fixture_id]/Edit Apps