If you would like to create an export that automatically updates its data every 24 hours, you can create a Daily Saved Export.

Set Up:

  1. To create a Daily Saved Export, proceed to your project space on CommCareHQ.

  2. At the top of the screen select Data > View All. On the left hand side of the screen, select ‘Daily Saved Exports.’

3. Select ‘Create New Export.’ A window should appear on the screen.


4. Select the model type as ‘case’ or ‘form’

    1. If you select ‘case’ the following field should appear:

      1. App Type

      2. Application

      3. Case Type

    2. If you select ‘form’ the following fields should appear:

      1. App Type

      2. Application

      3. Module

      4. Form

5. Fill out the fields for the case type or form that you would like to create the export for.

6. Select Create Export.

7. Proceed to customize the export as you would a regular Case or Form Export. Create the export when done.

8. You should be returned to the Daily Saved Export screen. Your export should now appear in the list.

9. Now select 'Update Data' to generate the first report. You will need to refresh the page after doing so in order to download the export.

10. After refreshing the page, a download button should now appear. Select this to download your export.


After setting up the Daily Saved Export, it is also possible to set up filters to only receive a subset of your data. To do so, select the 'Edit Filters' button next to the report you would like to filter the data for.

You can configure a filter for each individual daily saved export. Any filter you set up will remain until altered, so you only need to set up the filter the first time you create a Daily Saved Export. If you want a new subset of data, you will need to create another Daily Saved Export or update the filter. 

Upon hitting 'Edit Filters' a pop up window will appear on your screen:

  • Groups or Users: Enter any mobile workers or case sharing groups that you would like to view the data for here
  • Date Range: This option allows you to specify the date range for which you want the data. By default, this is set to 'From a date to a date.' There are several other date range options provided:
    • Last 7 Days
    • Last 30 Days
    • Last Month
    • Last Year
    • Days Ago 
      • This option will let you specify the number of days back to export data by.
    • Since A Date
      • This option will let you export data from a specified starting date to today.
    • From a date to a date
      • This option lets you specify the beginning and end date to filter by.

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