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To import new cases from Excel, first you need to setup your Excel file. 

  • Create a column for each piece of case data that you want to import (ex. name, village, house, etc.)
  • Each row is one new case that you're importing
  • Setup the unique IDs for your cases
    • If you have an unique ID that you'd like to use from another system (ex. a unique household number), add that as a column as well.  
    • If you don't have a unique ID from another system, add a column titled "case_id" to your document.  This column should contain no information.  
    • Provide the username (or name of the group if your application uses case sharing) in another column called owner_name. 
    • The format for dates should look like: YYYY-MM-DD. You can find this format for dates by going to Format Cells and choosing the Locale English (United Kingdom).


Two example tables are shown below (one with or without a unique ID).  

Existing Unique ID (household number)

Amelia SagoffCambridgeAS439845test_user
Andrea FletcherPensyltuckyAF393324mamta_devi
Jeremy WacksmanWashingtonJW438027test_user
Sheel ShahTorontoSS665432test_user2

No Existing Unique ID:

*it is best practice to include an empty "case_id" column as the FIRST column in your spreadsheet.


Amelia SagoffCambridge45test_user

Andrea FletcherPensyltucky24mamta_devi

Jeremy WacksmanWashington27test_user

Sheel ShahToronto32test_user2

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