Copy an Application

You can copy an entire application within the same project space or to a different project space,

To do this go into the application which you would like to copy. Select the gear icon in the upper left hand corner at the top of the page to proceed to the Application Settings. On this screen, select the 'Actions' tab:


In the Copy app to project box type the project space you’d like to copy the application to (it can be the same project space you’re currently in.)

NOTE: You need to be an admin web user in the project space you're trying to copy the application to. 

You can also give the Application a new default name before copying.

Then hit  the Copy button. Pressing the button will bring you to the new project space, directly to the copy of the application so you can proceed with building your application.

Delete an Application

Delete an application can also be found under Actions:

As soon as you click on Delete this Application the application will be deleted. Immediately after deleting you will be returned to the current project space' dashboard. At the top of the screen, there will be a notification that you successfully deleted the application with an option to 'Undo':



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