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Set Up Mobile Phone for Feature/Java/J2ME/Nokia-style

Feature Phone Basics

Basic Setup (Java Phones)

You can use the generic 20-step guide as a "checklist."

  1. You can typically test your application in "Demo" mode on the phone.  However, to properly use the application, you'll need to create a mobile worker using CommCareHQ.
    Create a CommCare User
  2. Get the CommCare application on your phone.  
    Computer to phone installation.  This involves copying the files from your computer to the phone's SD card. 
  3. Set the application permissions on your phone: 
    Nokia Phone Permissions
  4. Setup the data connection on your phone. 
    Enable GPRS on the Phone
  5. If you're not using demo mode, you'll need to setup a mobile worker for the phone.  This is referred to as restoring the user.
    Restore CommCare User Data After Installation

Other Topics

  1. How to Update CommCare Application Content.  Once you've already deployed your application, this will guide making future updates.  
  2. Understand the files necessary for CommCare (Java Phones)
  3. Phone to Phone installation for Java Phones.  This is useful if you're in the field and have access to another phone with the application installed.  
  4. India Specific: Activate DND and Subscribe to receive SMS messages from CommCareHQ
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