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You can create shortcuts which link to a specific CommCare Module. This is helpful for users that frequently need to go directly to a particular module without going through the main "get started" navigation.



  1. Swipe across your Android home screen to go to a page which has empty space.
  2. Touch and hold an empty space, a menu will popup suggesting to add something (OR navigate directly to the main apps list).
  3. Select 'Widgets'.
  4. Scroll across the list of widgets to find the CommCare Action Widget. 
  5. Hold and drag the CommCare widget to the screen.
  6. A menu saying 'Select CommCare Shortcut' will pop up. You would see the list of modules in that menu.
  7. Select the appropriate module name for which you want to create a shortcut for (e.g., Mother).
  8. A CommCare shortcut for the selected module will be created. The icon will show the name of the module. On touching this shortcut, it will directly take the user inside the Mother module and show a list of mothers, instead of the regular CommCare home screen.
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