About rate limits in CommCare

CommCare is a cloud-hosted platform engineered to provide optimal performance across all our users' project spaces. To ensure reliability, the system has built-in rate limits on the number of form submissions allowed per project space in a given period of time. 

When CommCare rate limits a project space, all form submissions from CommCare Mobile and Web Apps will be saved locally until rate limiting expires, at which time those forms will be auto-synced to the server. Importantly, you will never lose a form submission due to rate limiting—rather, you may simply experience a delay between submission of a form and when that form is synced to the CommCare server.

Please note: rate limiting applies only on SaaS CommCare environments (www.commcarehq.org and india.commcarehq.org).

Submissions that count toward rate limits include:

  • Form submissions via CommCare mobile and Web apps

  • Form submissions via CommCare HQ APIs

  • Case importer
  • Automatic updates or closing of case via the Automatically Update Cases feature
  • Case data or Form data edits

When do rate limits apply?

Rate limits apply only when the entire CommCare platform is under high load, meaning your project will never experience rate limiting of form submissions during off-peak hours (as determined by real-time load patterns). When the system is under high load, CommCare applies rate limit caps on all project spaces.

What are the rate limit thresholds for my project space?

The rate limiting thresholds for your organization's project space are determined by the number of mobile workers included in your subscription plan.

In general, rate limits are allocated on a per-user basis. So, take the number of mobile workers in your space and multiply them by all of the following to find the Project Space limits respectively:

    • 230/mobile worker/week

    • 46/mobile worker/day

    • 0.14/mobile worker/minute

The table below illustrates an example for each subscription type. If your subscription is for a number of mobile workers not listed in the table, you can use the formulas listed above to calculate your exact limits


Standard plan
125 mobile workersForm submissions per week28,750
Form submissions per day5,750
Form submissions per minute17
Pro plan
250 mobile workersForm submissions per week57,500
Form submissions per day11,500
Form submissions per minute35
Advanced plan
500 mobile workersForm submissions per week115,000
Form submissions per day23,000
Form submissions per minute70
Enterprise Plan*
1000 mobile workersForm submissions per week230,000
Form submissions per day46,000
Form submissions per minute140

*For enterprise customers whose accounts include multiple project spaces, limits are combined across all project spaces with the total number of mobile workers included in the enterprise subscription.

  • Enterprise accounts come with a dedicated submission allocation that is distributed over all the project spaces in that account.

  • As long as either a project space or its Enterprise account is operating at a rate below their respective allocations, submissions for that project space will not be rate limited.

If you have any questions, please contact us—we can further explain our rate limiting policy and work with you to ensure your project isn't impacted by the form submissions thresholds noted above. If you're already a Dimagi partner, please contact your account manager for more information. 

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