About the Exchange

What is the Exchange?


The CommCare Exchange (https://www.commcarehq.org/exchange/) is a way for CommCare users to share their applications with the CommCare community. It’s like the Apple “app store” or the Google “play store” marketplaces, only all the apps are free.

Users can choose to post their application to the Exchange under a Creative Commons license.  This means that other CommCare users can download your app from the Exchange and modify it or use it under the terms of your license.  

Please note that only an authorized member from the organization holding the license can post the app

What licenses can I use?

Creative Commons offers several ways for copyright holders to offer their media to the public free of charge. Depending on the license you choose, you can restrict the use of your copyrighted materials to require attribution, restrict modification, and restrict commercial use. For more information, see the Creative Commons website.

How to use the Exchange 

  • How do I download an app from the Exchange? 

    You can download an application from the Exchange to a project space on CommCareHQ, where you can modify it and deploy it to a phone.

    1), Click the "view" button on the desired application in the Exchange.  This will show you details about the application.  Remember to review the license and attribution notes!

    2) At the bottom of this page you will see a "download" section.  If you already have a project space on CommCareHQ, you can click "download to existing project" and choose which of your project spaces to download to.  If you do not have a project space on HQ, you can you can create one easily here.  A project space is a secure web portal into CommCareHQ for a particular CommCare project.  Write in a name for your project space and click "download as new project".

    3) You will be prompted to read and agree to any relevant licenses.
  • How do I post an app to the Exchange?  

    If you are an authorized member of the organization holding the application license, you can post any of your existing applications to the Exchange under a Creative Commons license.

    1) Go to the project space that contains your application.  Click on Project Settings and choose CommCare Exchange from the left side bar. Here you can see a list of the applications in your domain.  You will be able to choose which applications to publish, so don't worry if some old test apps appear here.  

    2) Read the details of the application you want to post by pressing the CREATE A NEW VERSION OF YOUR PROJECT TO PUBLISH button. Also ensure the version listed is the version you want to post.  

    The published version will be set automatically to the latest build that was starred in the DEPLOY section of your application. (If no builds are starred, it will use the latest build.  If there are no builds, it will use the current configuration of the application.)  To change the version you are posting, go back to the application section of HQ and make the desired version the latest starred build.

    Alternatively, you can click EDIT to edit the details of your application before you post the Application. MAKE SURE YOU EDIT YOUR SETTINGS!

3) Click "Publish a new version of your project".  This will lead you to the publication page.  Fill out all the relevant fields.  You will be required to choose a Creative Commons license for your application.  For more information, see the Creative Commons website [link].  If your application has multimedia, you can choose whether or not to publish and license your multimedia along with your application.  If you publish your multimedia under a stricter license than your application, for legal reasons you will be prompted to change your application to that license as well.  If you want to save your information to review and publish later, you can uncheck the "publish immediately" checkbox. 


In the below section, please include information on your intervention more generally. For example, X project works with Y to accomplish Z in A, B, and C. 


Make sure you include what type of application it is - for example, MCH, Nutrition, Agriculture, Education, etc. Choose your License Agreement and check the box next to CONTENT DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT. 


In this section, include information about your CommCare Application more specifically. What is the application do? What does it track? Who uses it? 

 4) Scroll to the bottom and click "Publish".  Your app will be posted on the Exchange pending moderator approval.

Who can post an app?

Anyone with admin web user privileges can post the app.  Please note that only an authorized member from the organization holding the license can post the app.

I already posted an app to the Exchange. Can I update it?  

Yes.  At any time you can go to the "Settings and Users" --> "CommCare Exchange" in your project space and click "Publish a new version" to update your current publication.

Can I remove or un-publish my app?  

Yes.  At any time you can go to the "Settings and Users" --> "CommCare Exchange" in your project space and click "Unpublish".

My project space allows me to post or publish more than one app.  How does this work?

Some projects take advantage of advanced features like case sharing.  These projects have two or more applications that work together as a group.  In these cases, it is useful to post more than one application together as a package.  

We expect most users will post only one application at a time.  If you have two separate applications in the same project space that you would like to post, we encourage you to copy one of these applications to a new project space first.
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