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How do I join the Early Access Program?

Interested in the Early Access Program? We are currently at capacity for enrolling new partners or project spaces in the Early Access Program(EAP). Fill out this form to be added to a waitlist. We will reach out to you as soon as we are ready to enroll you the EAP.

#1 What is the Early Access Program?

We are always working towards helping you get more value from CommCare which often includes adopting popular features from CommCare's open source Community of Practice into Dimagi's hosted CommCare offering, backed by our 24*7 support team. The Early Access Program provides selected partners a white-glove, guided experience towards adopting these new features before they are made generally available for you to use independently. 

#2 Features available in our Early Access Program?


Data Transformation Engine

Transform the data collected by your CommCare apps to create custom data sources. 

Consume the custom data sources for specific reporting and visualization needs like web based Supervisor Dashboards, M&E Indicator Reporting and more.  

Available on Advanced and Enterprise subscription plans. Requires basic JSON skills. 


Mobile Reporting 

Amplify the effectiveness of your programs by empowering of your frontline staff with mobile reports on their CommCare app for enhanced decision support and effective case management.

Supported graphs include Bar, X-Y, Time Series and Bubble graphs 

Available on Advanced and Enterprise subscription plans. 


Turnkey integration with DHIS2 

CommCare and DHIS2 work together to provide an end-to-end solution for mobile data collection and service delivery, aggregation, storage, and reporting at any scale—from a single community to nation-wide scale. Want to send your data in CommCare to DHIS2? CommCare now offers an in-product interface to configure the integration with your DHIS2 instance!

Available on Advanced and Enterprise subscription plans. Requires basic JSON skills. 


#3 What do we get after enrolling in the Early Access Program? 

  • Access to the feature/s offered by the EAP.
  • 1-2 hours of one time free Feature Orientation.
  • Access to our 24*7 Support team. 
  • High touch guidance from or facilitated by our Product team to ensure your success. 
  • [Optional] CommCare Onboarding if more detailed training is desired.

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