Posted on July 19, 2018

CommCare Mobile (2.44) 

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements 


  • We shipped our New Data Cleaning Capabilities
  • Improvement to Form Summary download: Option Labels and Option Values are now split into two separate columns. 
  • Improvement to Saved Exports: Now experience a tastefully done progress bar when you click on Update Data. 
  • Reports UI improvement now allows easy discovery of sortable column headers. 
  • Improved Date Selection UI in Report Filters.
  • Improved mobile username validation to handle forbidden accented characters elegantly. 
  • Case Exports table now shows useful Case Type column. 
  • Case export configuration now allows users to enter a description about their export, which is then displayed in the Case Exports table.
  • User is now asked to Confirm Deletion after clicking on Delete Application in HQ.
  • We add a new setting called "Smart language display in forms" under Languages List on app settings page. 
  •  Launched new Messaging Dashboard. 
  • 'User Sync History' has been deprecated. 'Application Status Report' replaces it. 
  • Fixed a bug which prevented renaming titles of copied form. 
  • Saved exports now show when they were last downloaded. 
  • Users now have the ability to hide the maintenance alert by clicking on an X icon. Once hidden a cookie keeps it hidden until a new alert is available.
  • Ability to open markdown links in new tabs.
  • Re-styled the exports table to address the line breaking by allowing breaking mid-word.
  • Fixed a bug where previously excel dashboard feeds bypassed location level restrictions. 
  • Fixed a bug where previously the page that shows archived locations wasn't working. Now you can view your archived locations and unarchive them again. 

Posted on December 15, 2017

CommCare Mobile (2.41)


  • No longer need to install a barcode scanner to install apps with a barcode
  • The error message shown with cyclical logic has been improved to show the smallest cyclical chain
  • CommCare will try to submit any pending device log reports after every successful form submission process, in order to ensure that we are sending these more frequently and at a time when the device is most likely to have good connectivity.
  • Now, when form entry is interrupted by the automatic user session expiration, the user will be entered directly back into that form when they log back in, rather than having to figure out what happened and navigate to re-opening the saved form themselves.


  • If you create a report builder report using a form or case with over 10 questions or case properties, the initial configuration screen will only show 10 columns (but you can add more).
  • In Web Apps, incomplete forms will now be removed automatically after 7 days.
  • The case history option is no longer available for case exports.
  • By default only 50 lines of any result are shown (5 lines in the "previous queries" pane), along with a link you can click to copy the remaining results to the clipboard.  Example.
  • Improvements to Live Preview Data Preview debugger output:

    • Removes the interior scroll pane (since the output is now self-limiting) of the results window, so there's no more nested scroll box

    • Allows users to debug how a particular expression is evaluated - this can help to understand performance cost of a given expression

  • Invalid XML (`&`, `<`, `>`, `"`, `'`) in IDs for properties formatted using ID mapping on case list/detail are no longer allowed.

  • New field on forms is 'modified_on' date. This is displayed in the form metadata table and is also available in API output and filtering.  (It's useful when a form has been edited).  

  • If a daily saved export / Excel dashboard relied on a filter for which the user / group / location was deleted, it would stop working.  This changes the behaviour so that we remove that part of the filter from the daily saved export / excel dashboard.  

  • A bug that showed Users in export filters as 'Deleted Users' even when they are not deleted was fixed.

  • A bug was fixed in lookup tables: if you uploaded a lookup table with one column and it had a 0 in it, the upload would stop from that point onward.


Posted on October 10, 2017

 CommCare Mobile (2.40)

  • Quarantined Forms will now show the error message from HQ that describes why the form was rejected

  • Bug Fix: Show a better error message when the distance function receives illegal arguments

  • Bug Fix: Show a better error message to the user when a choice in a select question has invalid XML


  • Report Builder v2 has been released. This is available to all Pro projects and other projects can preview and try it out (but won’t be able to save their reports)

  • The Manage Case button has been re-added to the form builder

  • Billing Invoices now lookup much better

  • All standard plans should now be grandfathered in to have Login As functionality

  • Deleted versions of an application can no longer be installed by using the code

  • Advanced Location Syncing Options - You can configure the location syncing to only sync down specific location types

  • Web Apps: Updated to match CommCare 2.39



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