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The CommCare 2.24 release switches the Play Store release to a New UI. This change introduces a new set of strings that projects will need to translate. The set of newly introduced keys is:


updates.check.begin=Checking for updates
updates.check.failed=Failed to download updates
updates.check.cancel=Stop checking
updates.check.cancelling=Cancelling check for updates
updates.install.finished=App update was successful
updates.check.last=Last checked for updates: ${0}
updates.check.network_unavailable=No network connectivity
updates.staged.version=Update to version ${0}
updates.error=Error encountered during update download
updates.pinned.download=Downloading updates
update.success=CommCare has been updated!
install.current.version=Version currently installed: ${0}
install.barcode.top=Welcome to CommCare!
install.barcode.bottom=Please choose an installation method below 
install.ready.top=Almost there!
install.ready.bottom=Press the button below to install your app.
install.netwarn=If you are attempting to install from a server, make sure you have an internet connection.
install.appprofile=Enter your app install address
home.menu.about=About CommCare
home.developer.options.enabled=Developer Mode Enabled
login.bad.password=We couldn't find a user with this password. Please try another!
login.welcome.single=Welcome back! Please log in.
login.welcome.multiple=Welcome back! Please select an app and log in.
login.update.install.success=App update successfully applied!
login.update.install.failure=App update failed to apply!
form.archive.purge.title=Removing out-of-date archived forms
form.archive.purge.message=Removing archived forms that are past their validation date.
form.attachment.invalid=Invalid filetype choosen. Please select a valid multimedia file.
form.hierarchy=Form Hierarchy
select.address.show=Show Address
notification.logged.in=Logged Into ${0}
crash.warning.button=Restart CommCare
crash.warning.header=CommCare crashed and needs to restart.
crash.warning.detail=The following error was likely caused by a misconfiguration in your app:
verification.success.message=Application's multimedia is installed
invalid.image.selection=The image you have chosen cannot be located on your device. Please select another image.
image.capture.not.saved=The image you have taken was not able to be saved properly. Please try again.
image.selection.not.saved=The image you have chosen was not able to be saved properly. Please select another image.
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