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Purpose: get all of the data associated with a case, including all case property values, a list of associated forms and a list of associated referrals. The case data may be presented to the end user as a case details screen.

Base URL: https://www.commcarehq.org/a/[domain]/api/[version]/case/[case_id]/

Authentication: For more information, please review CommCare's API Authentication Documentation.

Input parameters:

formatReturn data format

xml, json



Whether to include properties

all, none

indicesWhether to include indicesall, noneindices=allProposed
xforms_by_name__fullWhether to include all xforms by nametruexforms_by_name__full=trueSupported
xforms_by_xmls__fullWhether to include all xforms by xmlnstruexforms_by_xmlns__full=trueSupported
child_cases__fullWhether to include child casestruechild_cases__full=trueSupported since version 4
parent_cases__fullWhether to include parent casestrueparent_cases__full=trueSupported since version 4

Output values: 

user_nameUser name of case owner, including domainjdoe@example.commcarehq.org
user_idUUID of user that owns the case3c5a623af057e23a32ae4000cf291339
date_modifiedDate and time case was last modified2011-12-13T15:09:47Z
closedStatus of the case (open, closed)false
date_closedDate and time case was closed2011-12-20T15:09:47Z
propertiesList of all editable case properties, including both special predefined properties and user-defined dynamic properties
Special Properties
owner_idID of the owner of the case (can be user or group)
case_nameName of caseRose
external_idExternal ID associated with the case123456
case_typeType of casepregnancy
date_openedDate and time case was opened2011-11-16T14:26:15Z
End Special Properties
indicesList of references to other cases with properties <case_type/> and <case_id/>
Start of data from for each form associated with the case
Repeats for each form, as seen in sample output below
form_idUUID of form associated with the case1J9NF7B4FTH73435PYJJSL5SJ
form_nameName of form associated with the casePrenatal visit
started_onDate and time form was started2011-11-16T14:26:15Z
ended_onDate and time form was completed2011-11-16T14:27:35Z

Sample usage:


Sample output:

	<date_closed>2011-12-20 15:09:47Z</date_closed>
	<date_modified>2011-12-13 15:09:47Z</date_modified>
		<case_property1>Dynamic property value 1</case_property1>
		<case_property2>Dynamic property value 2</case_property2>
			<form_name>Prenatal visit</form_name>
				<form_property1>Dynamic property value 1</form_property1>
				<form_property2>Dynamic property value 2</form_property2>

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  1. user-17768

    After considering some potential uses of this API call, I have one suggestion to consider....

    Including form property values in the return data set.  By including form property values in the returned xml/json document, the application could include form property values (e.g. patient name) in a "case details" screen without separately fetching information about each form.  For example, building a case details web page that includes a table of patient weights from every prenatal visit.  The encoding of the form properties would match how form properties are included in the Form Data API response.

  2. user-dc504

    The user_name property does seem to be part of the response. The API request has no options other than the case_id.


    D, [2014-11-01T10:27:13.235028 #1943] DEBUG -- : HTTPI GET request to www.commcarehq.org (httpclient)
      "case_id": "238a835a-047a-4f90-9143-970073586a36",
      "closed": false,
      "date_closed": null,
      "date_modified": "2014-09-27 14:53:22",
      "domain": "sara-csps",
      "id": "238a835a-047a-4f90-9143-970073586a36",
      "indices": {
      "properties": {
        "case_name": "yako-bouria-2015-04",
        "case_type": "qi_report",
        "consults_eval_class_ok_D": "78",
        "consults_eval_class_ok_I": "15.384615384615385",
        "consults_eval_class_ok_N": "12",
        "consults_treat_ok_D": "78",
        "consults_treat_ok_I": "57.692307692307686",
        "consults_treat_ok_N": "45",
        "consults_with_rec_D": "45",
        "consults_with_rec_I": "26.666666666666668",
        "consults_with_rec_N": "12",
        "date_opened": "2014-09-27T14:53:22",
        "days_rec_down_I": "42",
        "district": "yako",
        "external_id": null,
        "health_facility": "bouria",
        "medicine_outage_I": "5",
        "month": "04",
        "owner_id": "511956171be6cbf52e6b686ee99ca79e",
        "report_date": "2015-04",
        "year": "2015"
      "resource_uri": "",
      "server_date_modified": "2014-09-27 14:53:29",
      "server_date_opened": "2014-09-27 14:53:27",
      "user_id": "511956171be6cbf52e6b686ee99ca79e",
      "xform_ids": [