By enabling a specific add-on, you can turn on the ability to use calculations in the case list or case details screen. This will allow you to use xpath expressions to perform calculations and display information in a more robust way on the case list and details. 


To turn on this feature, proceed to the Application Settings -> Add-ons section of your application:

Select the button with three-lines in the upper right hand corner and choose “Calculations:”

Now enable the “Custom Calculations in the Case List” Add-on. Save the change and you are ready to use the feature.

Using the Feature

Now that you have enabled the Add-On, you can proceed to the Case List or Case Details screen for one of the menus of your application. Selecting Add Property will display a new choice:

This will now add a field in which you can enter xpath expressions to perform calculations, including these use of case properties:

Additional Considerations:

  • Case Name can be referenced, but must by done so with the syntax: case_name

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