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This functionality enables users to better manage a large number of mobile workers and also enables a filtered download of web users.

Filtered Download of Mobile Users

Click on the "Download Mobile Workers" button on the mobile workers page:

You will be redirected to a page with filters:

Here, you can filter by role, search by username, filter by location, and/or filter by project space. If filtering by location, all users assigned to the selected location or any of its descendant locations will be included in the download. If filtering by project space, only project spaces associated with the project (through the Enterprise Permissions flag) will be shown and all users within those project spaces will be included in the download. If a domain is selected, the role and location filters will disappear, since those dropdowns are populated only with the roles and locations of the source domain.

You have the option to download all details of a user by clicking on "All" or just download the usernames by choosing "Only Usernames"

Filtered Download of Web Users

This functionality enables a filtered web user download that's very similar to the filtered mobile user download. It affects the behavior of the "Download Web Users" button on the main Web Users page:

Clicking that button will take you to a filtering page, similar to the filtered mobile users page but with fewer options:

Note that the "Project Spaces" filter is only available if Enterprise Permissions are in use. If they are, filtering by domain will hide the role filter, since the role dropdown will only be populated with the source domain's roles.

Bulk Delete

The "Bulk Delete Users" button is available on the mobile workers page:

This page allows you to upload a spreadsheet of usernames and delete those users. Note that it checks if the uploaded users have submitted forms and will not delete users who have.

Bulk Lookup

There is a "Bulk Lookup of Users" button on the mobile workers page:

The page allows you to upload a spreadsheet of usernames. It then generates a download containing those same usernames, plus a column indicating whether or not the username already belongs to a mobile worker in your project space.

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