There are a number of settings on Nokia phones that make things easier for the user (some of these are part of the 20 Step Phone Set-up Process).  Here are some of these settings with the menu paths included.

Turn off Text Predictions for Messaging:

Menu -> Messaging -> Create Message -> Options -> Prediction -> Off

Volume of Audio Messages:

There is no way in CommCare to set the volume of multimedia audio messages.  The volume settings in Menu -> Settings -> Tones also do not affect the volume of the audio in CommCare.  To change the volume of CommCare audio messages, do the following steps:

  1. Go to Menu -> Music
  2. Open any file (can be one of your CommCare audio files)
  3. Change the volume using the up or down keys (the volume indicator is on the right side of the screen)
  4. The volume in CommCare should now match whatever you set in the music player.

Set Writing Language for Messaging:

Menu -> Messaging -> Create Message -> Options -> Writing Language

Set Phone's Language:

Menu -> Settings -> Phone -> Language Settings -> Phone Language

Remove Distracting Icons from Home Screen:

The default for Nokia phones is to have a lot of stuff going on on the home screen (YouTube, Facebook, Music, etc.)  To get rid of this:

Menu -> Settings -> Display -> Home Screen -> Home Screen Mode = Off

Set Phone's Date & Time:

The phone will prompt you for Date and Time upon first startup.  However, you can also always edit it here (including switching between 12 and 24 hour time):

Menu -> Settings -> Date and Time


Disable Network Operator Messages

Network Operator messages may pop up when signal connectivity is poor.  These become very annoying while using CommCare in areas with low connectivity, so it may be beneficial to turn them off.  To turn off Network Operator Messages:

Menu -> Messaging -> Info Messages (may be under More) -> Operator Messages = Off

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