Some CommCare features are turned off by default—these are called Add-Ons and Feature Previews. However, advanced app builders can take advantage of the functionality provided by these features by turning them on in their project space. Read on for instructions to do so.


Feature Previews and Add-Ons let you enable features that we are still actively developing and are not quite ready yet. You can find the feature previews in the settings page of your project space. Add-Ons can be found in the Application Settings section of the application builder. While feature previews are enabled for the project space, add-ons are enabled per application. As our developers continue to work on the feature, you may see it changing over time and finally moving out of Feature Previews to become available for everyone.
In general we do not announce new features when they enter Feature Preview or Add-ons, but you may be directed to turn one on if you want to try to use it.
Before you enable a feature preview or add-on, please understand:
  • They will often require more technical expertise than most features
  • The UI may change over time without any warning or communication as our developers work to improve the feature
  • There may be very limited documentation or support available for these features
We welcome your feedback about feature previews! Please don't hesitate to  "Report an Issue" if you experience a technical issue with a feature in preview or post any suggestions to Dimagi's Forum.

Managing Feature Previews

Previews are controlled per-project space.

To turn on a Feature Preview go to Project Settings -> Feature Previews

Click the box next to the feature you want to enable and then click on Update Previews.

Managing Add-Ons

Add-ons are controlled per application.

To enable Add-Ons, proceed to the Applicatons Settings page. Then select the Add-Ons tab:

You can then select the button with three lines on the right hand side. There are 4 options in this drop down that categorize the various Add-Ons you can add. Selecting one  will cause the appropriate field:

Be sure to select Save to enable the add-ons once you have chosen the ones you want for your application. Add-Ons can be turned on or off at any time. 


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