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    Challenges facing rural Women Health Care:  Alternatives solutions for West Africa Country


    Disparities and inequities are increasing in the world today particularly around

    access to health services. Women's groups are an important part of the social structure in rural victims.

    Mobile technologies can open up a dialogue with communities to drive demand for  health services and monitor needs across diverse communities allowing service providers to predict as well as react to health needs and creating a positive feedback loop that builds over all trust in the healthcare system. For this Mobile is poised to play a significant role in healthcare, an Interactive Quiz service, which costs less to scale. To  provided the tools and training women needed to establish  a unique bar code is provided to each women  registered in the programme.  Voice   sends pre-recorded messages in the same languages as the text messages for users who face literacy challenges.

    It is a mean to encouraging and empowering mothers with stage-based health information.. The goal is to develop a continuum of services using a collaborative network of providers, and to engage rural community stakeholders in the process (particularly women) whose main role is to aid pregnant women in childbirth. This information services activities in community that focused on disease prevention services for child survival and pregnant care coverage.  If one of them is oriented, she can use her phone to get information, ask advice, re-order life-saving drugs, and receive feedback from the otherwise-distant formal health system. Additionally, these interactions provide vital traces, at a national level, of activities and needs that were previously impossibly far away, creating the ability for real-time monitoring and accountability.

    Dr Sonou dit Balla DIARRA, Mali , anseg@hotmailfr